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Get the steps + templates to
create and sell small digital products

This offer contains: 

done-for-you digital product templates & sales page copy 

so you can plug and play and start making your first dollar today!

100 Smart Steps & Quick Win Templates to making daily sales!

Instantly get a step by step plan with 

quick win templates (digital product templates, sale page copy, email templates, etc) for every part of your business 
so you start making daily sales selling your own product!

Does this sound like you?
Are you finding yourself doing a bit of everything and going nowhere?

Does it take you forever to write a blog post? And do you struggle to know what to say in your weekly newsletters?

Are you creating content and promoting on social media but have no clear plan? 

Totally overwhelmed and not knowing what to do to get the most  bang for your buck?

I get it! I've been there so.many.times.
Totally overwhelmed and in tears....
Working a little on this.. and a little on that just causes confusion and overwhelm. But when you have a detailed step by step plan you can start making real progress and get success.

What if there was a
proven plan with magical templates
you can use to guide you?

Imagine having an easy and simple process to guide you in writing a blog post in a day... and knowing that it's already perfectly SEO optimized.
What if there were high converting freebie and printable templates you can customize to grow your email list effortlessly?

Emails? Ugh... it's always so hard to know what to say! How would it feel to know exactly what to say in your weekly newsletters, welcome series and launch sequences? (all without feeling salesly :)

And that pesky landing page... imagine just following a simple formula that attracts the perfect customer for your product (or subscriber to your freebie). 

On top of all that - just think of the weight lifted off your shoulders when you can see the big picture and know you're following a proven process to success.

What if you get ALL the assets you need right now? 

The Digital Product 

Email Templates

Sales Page Copy 

The exact plan to follow

and more....

so you can start selling your OWN product successfully today?

The 100 Smart Steps to Daily Sales

✅ 100 Smart Steps to Daily Sales (valued at $197)

✅ 7 Customizable Printable Templates (valued at $77)

✅ 32 Page Gorgeous Ebook Template (valued at $37)

✅ 3 Hero Image Mockups (valued at $27)

✅ The 5 Step Blog Post Formula (valued at $27)
✅ Welcome Email Sequence (valued at $27)
✅ Newsletter Formula (valued at $17)
✅ Launch Email Sequence (valued at $47)
✅ High Converting Sale Page Template (valued at $97)

Total Value = $553
Get it today for only = $27

"I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders after purchasing 100 Smart Steps to Daily Sales Bundle!

This will definitely help me in my blogging journey."

Kayvern C.

Step by Step Plan to Stay Consistent and Start Making Sales!
The 100 Smarts Steps + Quick Win Templates will help you organize your process. You'll know exactly what to do first, second, third etc. 

And none of the steps will be hard as you'll have the Quick Win Templates to guide you word by word. 

The 100 Smart Steps are actionable tasks you can apply today - no high level theory or hard to implement strategies. It's the plan that will hold your hand and give you the done-for-you templates you need to succeed.

Get all the assets you need right now:

done-for-you digital product templates 

& sales page copy & email templates

so you can plug and play and start making your first dollar today!

7 Customizable Canva Printable Templates to Grow Your List

32 Page Ebook Template to use a Product or Freebie

The 5 Step Blog Post Template to Create Posts in a Day!

3 Different Product Mockups for Higher Conversions

Multiple Email Sequences so you always know what to say!

The High Converting Sales Page Template

The 100 Smart Steps Overview

The Smart Steps cover the essential process to follow from foundation to product launch and optimization. As you go through the process, the Quick Win Templates will boost you forward faster. 

The Smart Steps & Quick Win Templates are actionable, quick-to-implement guides you can use right now. This is not a 100+ video lesson course, it won't take you months to get through. 

These guides, templates and process can be used right now to write your blog posts faster, improve your email marketing sequences, create your first freebie or product, and setup a high converting sales page. 

How to pay off your mortgage with small products:

Imagine your small product sells for $5.
And you only sell 10 a day.
That equals $1,500 every single month!
No inventory. No material cost. Almost 100% pure profit!

If you create a small product that sells for $10.
You'll make $3,000 per month with only 10 sales a day!

✅ 100 Smart Steps to Daily Sales (valued at $197)

✅ 7 Customizable Printable Templates (valued at $77)

✅ 32 Page Gorgeous Ebook Template (valued at $37)

✅ 3 Hero Image Mockups (valued at $27)

✅ The 5 Step Blog Post Formula (valued at $27)
✅ Welcome Email Sequence (valued at $27)
✅ Newsletter Formula (valued at $17)
✅ Launch Email Sequence (valued at $47)
✅ High Converting Sale Page Template (valued at $97)

Total Value = $553
Get it today for only = $27

Reviews from our happy customers

" You have definitely inspired me, and you’re helping change the trajectory of my family’s hope and financial state, which I see as a miracle from the Lord! "

Ashley V.

This is for you if...

> You need a step by step plan to grow your digital business.

> If you're an online content creator and you're low on time and need quick win templates to succeed faster.

> If you're a blogger and it's taking weeks to write a blog post that should take a few hours. 

> If you have an online following and want to make money with digital products.

> You don't have time to take a 50+ video lesson course and just need a win right now.

 > If you're stuck on your online business and don't know what to do next.


Do I need to have my blog done to use this?

No, the 100 Smart Steps will guide you no matter where you are in your business. The templates can be used if you are just starting out or if your business is already established. 

I don't have a product yet, can this work for me?

Yes! You can use the printable and ebook templates to create your OWN product to sell on your website. 

I don't have a lot of time, will this work?

For sure! That's why I created the quick win templates - to save you time and effort! They are quick win, no fluff, actionable guides to get you to the next step!

I already have some products from Start a Mom Blog - can these resources be found in there?
Nope! All of the material in this bundle is brand new and has never been sold before. The 100 Smart Steps and Quick Win Templates can not be found in any other product - they are unique and only available in this offer. 

What's the refund policy?

Since all of the materials in the 100 Smart Steps bundle are digital files that you can access instantly and download to your computer, there are no refunds. For $27 it's a steal to get all these magical quick win templates plus a step by step proven plan. Even if you just use one piece of this bundle, it can completely change your business.

What Happens After I purchase?

As soon as you complete your purchase, you will be able to access your purchase instantly! 

You can start using the quick win templates right now to make a big impact in your business!

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Because this is a digital product, there will be no refunds offered. Thank you for understanding and being cool about it!
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